EyeSpeak English



An origional way to improve your English pronunciation


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EyeSpeak English brings you an interesting new way to improve your English pronunciation. The method consists of repeating words, phrases and conversations over and over again until your pronunciation sounds natural.

The app includes, for example, two introductory guides that let you review the pronunciation of words such as ’all’, ’best’, ’boat’, ’mouse’ and ’owner’; along with phrases such as ’can you lend me some money?’ and ’how much did the tickets cost?’

If there is anything new and original here, it's in the conversations feature. Here, you have a chat with various characters and respond to their questions in clear English, otherwise they will not understand your pronunciation and you must start the test over.

The student may also check the pronunciation of the different sounds in English, and see where your intonation is going wrong. The user's progress and score is saved periodically by the program.

Trial version is limited to the first two lessons.